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lisa stansfield - live at sunset

what can i say? the concert was great, great, great! it couldn't be any better! lisa appeared on time, exactly at 20.30h on stage - she still looks so gorgeus, just like about 12 years ago - she has not changed that much i guess. except she has a short haircut again. all in black, she opened the concert with "8-3-1"which is the song from her new album "face up" and a very nice opening sentences that she is happy to be in switzerland and to perform as on the very first evening of "live at sunset".

lisa brought 7 musicians and 2 background singers that she unfortunately did not introduce. and they all give the absolute best performance! lisa sung her hits such as "the real thing" "all woman", "change", "this is the right time", "live together", "affection", "when are you coming back" etc. i think that lisa sounds live much better than on cd. her voice is clear and unique at the same time. after a 1 hour and a half she finished the concert with her number one hit in 1989 "around the world" and made all the audience to stand up from their chairs.

this was definitely a great concert and the weather this time matched the meaning of "live at sunset"! yay!